Tuesday, January 27, 2004

New site 

The new site is at The last brain cell

It still needs a bit more work, but it's up.

See you there!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Moving soon 

I'm in the process of setting up a new blog.

What prompted this? I wanted to set up a web site for all of the members of my family who are overseas, so we can post pictures, messages and have a place where we can all get together. So that prompted me to get my own domain, since I have my own web site now, I felt it was best setting up a blog on my own turf. The blog will stay "The last brain cell" as far as the name, but I am hoping to be able to spend more quality time putting it together once everything at home is connected up. Right now I'm in the process of putting everything together and I want to thank Xrlq for help in getting started. It'll be a couple days before I can post, I have to paint the walls at the new place and decide where to put the couch, but I'll post here when the new place comes on line.

Bear hugs and wet kisses

Friday, January 16, 2004

Brrrr...cold shoulder for Gore 

Gore Talks Global Warming While City Shivers

Gore should have taken his show on the road and given his speech here.

Then maybe Embarrass would refer to the town and not the man.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Perrin's sauce 

I had never heard nor read anything by Dennis Perrin. (which should speak volumes on its own, I read almost compulsively) So I conducted a google search on him after reading about him on Instapundit. There were a few hits on Perrins, but not the amount that I would expect from a freelance writer. It appeared that he has spent a lot more time writing on message boards than actual columns. At least that is what appears to be the case.

If Perrins was looking for a bit of free advertising from his attack on Lileks, it looks as if he doesn't have much for sale...
Disposable role models
Perrins on Christopher Hitchens

Perrins seems to have trouble with his role models, the minute they begin to deviate from Perrins stated beliefs they become....Oh, I don't know? Disposable?
Personal god
Perrins on Michael O'Donough..Reviews of Perrin's book Mr. Mike

Perhaps a bit more effort would not have gone remiss when a person writes about their own personal god...god's are supposed to incite passion and energy...As Eric P. Nash from the NY Times says "The books tone is a bit matter-of-fact, and one wishes that Perrin ... Had unleashed his inner 13- year-old when writing about one of comedy's meanest masters"
Wildly undisciplined...Who me?
Perrins on Sports...Reviews on Perrins sports book

From Publishers Weekly
Sports fans may enjoy the tirade, but they won't walk away with any new insights as Perrin avoids complexity and settles for putdowns. Of political pundit and baseball philosopher George Will's two baseball books, Men at Work and Bunts, he writes: "They are the kind of volumes seen on middle American bookshelves, pressed against first-editions of Iacocca." This is nothing compared to what Perrin has to say about Spike Lee, whom he lambastes not just for being in cahoots with the evil Nike but also for being "perhaps the most obnoxious fan ever seen in Madison Square Garden." Perrin touches on many good points, but his critique is as wildly undisciplined as it is searing
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Why am not surprised he doesn't like Spike? Because Spike is TOO enthusiastic of a fan? Perrins appears to have a love hate relationship with everything and anything...Is he perhaps just an angry man who likes soapboxes?
A personal affront on a personal front
Perrins on James Lileks

Lileks' personal opinions on his personal site are just that. Personal, does Perrins believe that by lambasting Lileks on a professional soapbox he can bully Lileks into not writing his views? Hmmm....Could Perrins be attempting to SENSOR Lileks through professional pressure? Or is he just another angry man striking out blindly.

In every one of the pieces I have read by Perrins, he seems to ramble, rant or revere. But the one thing he doesn't do, is write in a clear professional manner. There are enough amateurs around who butcher the written word (myself included) without a professional making mince meat of it...

Monday, January 12, 2004

Sorry about not being around lately 

ALOT of stuff has been happening in my life, The daughter that joined the army has now eloped with another medic so I have a new son in law. They came home for a short visit before being sent overseas to Korea. We have been attempting to resolve some medical issues with my son so that as soon as he graduates from high school he can enlist.

On top of dealing with Boot Camp, AIT and a new son in law. Both my and my husband's grandmothers have become ill, and while my grandmother seems to be rallying nicely, my husband's is not and we are on standby awaiting the latest developments.

So between family and work I have not had time to devote to the blog. I am hoping soon to have a bit more time, but until then, things will be a bit sparse.

Take care,

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